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December 19, 2008

Deception failed

The large-scale deception and stupefying maneuver of the state powers for further cover-up and obfuscation of the splitting up of Human Rights failed thoroughly. In fact, even a contrary effect has now been achieved.
Psychiatric survivors were increasingly successful at making aware to a broader public that the slandering of people with a psychiatric diagnosis serves above all to arbitrarily rob them of their basic and Human Rights and to thereby degrade them to sub-humans. This publicity was achieved e.g. by the Foucault Tribunal in 1998 and the Russell Tribunal in 2001, to mention only two events.

As a defense and rescue measure against the exposure of the mendacious claim, which has been held since 1948, that human rights are indivisible and that there is no class of psychiatrized persons arbitrarily and radically deprived of their rights, the states in the UN committed a fraud: over 4 years a UN-Disability Convention was born, whose wording was intended to fool the public into believing that this splitting of human rights would be terminated. In fact it was only planned to consolidate this lie, to keep critical activists occupied with bureaucracy and to raise false hopes.

This plan would have been successful if in all countries the activists had swallowed the bait that with regard to the disabled, now Human "Rights" were recognized, instead of understanding that this is all about a political question and that with the ratification it would be decided whether this is only a symbolic policy for window dressing and a diversionary tactic of the state or whether it should actually mean what is promised in the UN-Disability Convention.

Because, particularly in Germany, “healing” by killing by the doctor-Nazis was already committed with state support without them having a bad conscience, we were distrustful and therefore even before the ratification, in a legal opinion by renowned human rights lawyers, we informed all members in the 16 German regional and federal parliaments exactly what the UN-Disability Convention was promising. The immediate reaction of these representatives of the people: almost without exception the consequences were negated. After the conclusion of our legal opinion was even confirmed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that the psychiatric special laws were actually intrinsically discriminatory and declared to be an unlawful law, which we again communicated to all members of the regional and federal parliaments in writing, they nevertheless held on to their vile decision on the convention fraud: on 4.12. 2008 at 22:59 h the Bundestag [federal parliament] , with the exclusion of the public (the visitor service had closed its gates at 20 h) again decided on the fraud and declared an injustice to be just, in that the UN-Disability Convention in a core domain, namely the equality before justice and the law in order to finally ban unlawful deprivation of libery and torture-like bodily harm by coercive treatment, should not be applied. That this resolution was passed by the Bundestag so secretly late at night without discussion and with the exclusion of the public, is further proof of the fraudulent intention in which it was conceived.
Today the fraud was unanimously confirmed by an all-party coalition in the Upper House of the German Parliament [the chamber of the regional states].

Now the proof has been furnished in one case, the Federal Republic of Germany, that with the ratification suddenly the consequences of the UN-Disability Convention were negated when actually it had voted upon them. Now it is obvious also to all activists in other countries that for the states the UN-Disability Convention only serves the purpose of deception. At the same time it revealed an “Institute for Government Favours” in Germany, which delivers hypocritical deceptive lip-service to human rights, in order to actually make itself the paid accomplice of the cover-up, see: an open letter (in German).

However, the state powers had to pay a price for its deception: They now have against them all those who take human rights seriously, because the authority which by agreement was created by all nations and cultures of the world for the observance and protection of the Human Rights, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, declared the special psychiatric laws to be intrinsically discriminatory and unlawful law. Therefore, neither by negating, nor by any "expert" opinion can we be deceived in our knowledge

  • that psychiatric inprisonment is a crime.
  • that the coercive psychiatric treatment in these prisons is a crime.
  • that all those who work in these closed psychiatric wards are criminals, in particular the doctors.
  • that no national law can protect these criminals from the verdict of committing a crime against humanity.

Those who are still involved in such crimes after 1/1/2009, the day that the UN-Disability Convention enters into force in the Germany, do so being fully conscious of their guilt. The participants of this year’s conference of the Psychiatrist Association in Germany were informed at the entrance by us about this on 26. and 27.11.:


Resolution of the General Assembly of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Psychiatrie-Erfahrener e.V.

We support the Prize-winning competition of IAAPA: Find an appropriate slogan to criminalize all those who work in a locked psychiatric ward after 1/1/2009! Concorso a premi: Italiano The contest in Hebrew


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